A Few Kind Words

Whether you're a sweet cuddly baby who craves some of that wondrous time-stopping TLC we all need, or a naughty boy only a Mother could love, Nanny Felicity is here to cuddle you, spank you, soothe you, lecture you, milk you and change those dirty diapers!

And if any of you kinksters delight as much as I do in gender play, bondage, sensory depravation, water sports, and corporal punishment, in all its various and sundry forms… I am well versed in the world of fetish, and am happy to incorporate elements of BDSM as well.

I generally set up my play dates in a cozy, private domestic setting in the chelsea area of Manhattan. I have bambino diapers, bottles, binkies, frilly sissy panties, healthful suppositories, “special thermometers", baby wipes, powder and lots of nurturing love and good old fashioned discipline for my babies….

Can’t wait to meet you!


You can also find me at: http://www.dickievirgin.com/node/add/dickies-listing